Drug Free Clubs of America

Each student is asked to pay $20 of the $70 registration fee to be part of the program. Donations from the ACWHCC Board of Education, local businesses & other organizations (including NCWA) cover the remainder of the fee. Each student who registers is initially drug-tested and then subject to monthly random drug tests as well.

Members are rewarded with numerous incentives throughout the school year. So far this year we have raffled off prime parking spots in the student parking lot where the winners are the first students to leave each day; we have dress down days specifically for DFCA members; DFCA members get to go to the front of the lunch line on certain days; each DFCA member received a DFCA water bottle; the Ashland County Prosecutor will be providing a barbeque lunch for DFCA members in late April or early May;and we are planning a trip out of school for DFCA members.

The only requirement for a student to be eligible for these incentives is that they must show the DFCA ID card.

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