About Us

Our Mission

The North Central Workforce Alliance of Ohio (NCWA) is a business-driven partnership consisting of employers from North Central Ohio whose focus is to share resources and ideas to solve common problems in attracting, training, and retaining the qualified and dedicated employees needed to grow area businesses.

Our Vision

Dedicated to serving the workforce needs of all North Central Ohio business and industry.

What we bring to the table…

Understand common needs through timely research on economic and industry trends critical to the region. While specific technical skills differ from one sector to the next, the core skills of a strong workforce are universal.

Share a single, powerful voice to communicate needs to the education and workforce development communities. Working together as a cohesive group provides a greater and more effective means to address workforce challenges and open up opportunities that businesses cannot afford to pursue individually.

Influence education and training by providing feedback to schools about the skills required to successfully enter into in-demand occupations, so they can offer training programs that reflect real-time market needs to ensure a well-qualified pool of graduates who possess specific competencies desired by industry. Provide recommendations to generate career pathways that promote high-wage career opportunities.

Decrease recruitment and training costs by ensuring a pool of qualified workers is ready for industry recruitment and/or advancement with skills based on industry needs.

Influence perceptions about individual sectors to attract a more highly skilled workforce by using common messages and promoting key careers throughout the community.

Participate in an ongoing forum for information sharing and strategic discussion to share ideas and best practices through networking and create a “sounding board” for solutions on common issues.

Link to funding for workforce development and training, which may include On-the-Job Training, Customized Training, Internships, etc., and work collaboratively to get new funding to support regional priorities.