Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center UNITE (Understand – Never Experiment – Initiate Activities – Teach Others – Educate Peers) program requires each student to pay $20 of the $35 registration fee to be part of the program. Donations from the ACWHCC Board of Education, local businesses & other organizations (including NCWA) cover the remainder of the fee. Each student who registers is initially drug-tested and then subject to monthly random drug tests as well.

Members are rewarded with numerous incentives throughout the school year. These may include: Prime parking spot raffle, which allows winners to be the first students to leave each day; Dress Down Days specifically for UNITE members; UNITE members move to the front of the lunch line on certain days; two cookouts each year; Treat Days with cookies, candy, and donuts; field trips for UNITE members.

The only requirement for a student to be eligible for these incentives is to show their UNITE ID card.