Benefits of Joining

Reduce Turnover

Validate the skills of applicants and existing employees by implementing nationally recognized assessments and credentials into your hiring practices.

Implement strategies to improve employee recruitment and retention so you can hire with confidence, increase employee commitment, make better promotion decisions, and assist managers in carrying out business strategies.

Increase Productivity

Influence education and training so schools can offer training programs that reflect real-time market needs and ensure a well-qualified pool of graduates.

Provide an on-going forum for information sharing and strategic discussion to share ideas and best practices through networking and generate discussion for solutions on common issues.

Reduce Costs

Decrease recruitment and training costs by ensuring a pool of qualified workers is ready for industry recruitment and/or advancement with skills based on industry needs.

Connect with funding opportunities that can help your bottom line by offsetting on-the-job training costs and up-skilling your current workforce; receive priority consideration to participate in grant-funded activities and work collaboratively to get new funding to support regional priorities.

Change Perceptions

Create a single, powerful voice to communicate your needs to the education and workforce development communities. Working together as a cohesive group provides a greater and more effective means to address workforce challenges and open up opportunities that individually manufacturers cannot afford to pursue.

Change perceptions about the industries to attract a more highly skilled workforce by using common messages and promoting careers throughout the community.

Types of Memberships

Foundation Members

Open to businesses and industry in the Agriculture/Animal Science, Construction, Heavy Equipment, IT, Manufacturing, Medical/Bio-tech, Service/Retail, and Welding sectors. Foundation members agree to a multi-year commitment and influence the overall direction of NCWA.

Regular Members

Regular membership is open to businesses in the sectors above. Regular members will participate in sector committees and influence industry-specific agendas.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to suppliers and other businesses who serve the sectors above.

Individual Members

Individuals who are not employed by a company or educational institution, but who wish to participate may become Individual members.

Education Members

Universities, Colleges and Career and Technical Centers providing technical training are invited to become Education Members. Interested elementary, middle, and high schools are also encouraged to participate as critical feeders to these career pathways.

Government/ Community Organization Members

Government or community organizations that provide workforce services and resources to employers are invited to become Government and Community Organization Members.

NCWA relies on the investment of its members, but the return is even greater. Annual dues ensure that the regional workforce is ready to meet the needs of your business. Membership dues are expected at the time of application; checks will be payable to Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, the alliance’s fiscal agent.

Foundation Members
(Multi-year commitment) $3,000

Regular Members

More than 250 employees $2,000
More than 100 employees $1,000
More than 25 employees $750
25 or fewer employees $500

Associate Members – $500

Individual Members – $100

Education Members – $500

Government/Community Organization Members – $500

Current Members
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