Business Sectors

NCWA Business Sectors

  • Agriculture / Animal Science
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical / Bio-tech
  • Service / Retail
  • Welding

How We Operate

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for providing guidance and direction to the activities described in the strategic plan and to oversee and monitor implementation of proposed action plans.

Action Teams

The Action Teams are designated to provide input, oversight and monitoring for categories of activity associated with the Strategic Plan. Composition of the Action Teams is based on the categories of activities and include the partners necessary to successfully implement the projects and activities. Action Teams report to the Executive Board on their progress and results.

Sector Committees

Sector Committees provide subject matter expertise, guidance, and support to the Executive Board on industry-specific action items and workforce needs. Sector Committees are made up of industry members with two representatives on the Executive Board. Currently, there are eight Sector Committees : Agriculture/Animal Science, Construction, Heavy Equipment, IT, Manufacturing, Medical/Bio-tech, Service/Retail, and Welding.