Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce

The Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce is the premier membership-based organization in the Ashland and surrounding area for professionals, businesses, and organizations. We “promote business to enhance community” by adding another dimension to our members to support them and help them grow. We have been in operation since 1909, have 570+ members, and offer them an exclusive set of benefits that help to:

1) Extend their reach,
2) Connect with community,
3) Provide access to resources,
4) Learn business principles and affect change, and
5) Save them money on their bottom line.

Contact: Amy Daubenspeck
Phone: 419-281-4584

Why did your organization join NCWA?: The Chamber has a history of helping businesses prosper within our community. Hearing from our members and others about the disconnect in finding qualified workers, we knew we needed to help find solutions. Businesses cannot prosper if they don’t have enough employees to get their products out the door!

The mission of NCWA really resonated with us as we work with other organizations in sectors throughout the region to attract the next generation, train new and existing employees, and develop relevant training programs. In addition, the Chamber is uniquely positioned to be an “NCWA voice” to and for our members. Bringing collective minds together (teamwork!) can achieve some amazing results and we are excited to see what NCWA can accomplish for our community!

Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce