Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center

As a public, joint vocational school district, serving the technical needs of both high school students and adult learners from these two counties, the school was formed in mid-1970. Governed by the ACWHCC Board of Education, Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center (ACWHCC) is located in the heart of Ashland County, Ohio at 1783 State Route 60, Ashland, Ohio serving both Ashland and Holmes Counties.

The district serves several populations of learners though its two educational divisions: Secondary Education and Adult Education. In Secondary Education the organization serves more than 450 middle school and high school students in more than 16 career technical programs at the Ashland Campus and through satellite programs at Ashland High School and West Holmes Middle School and High School. Secondary Education enrollment has been trending up since the 2012-2013 school year.

In Adult Education, the organization serves adult learners across the region through 11 Career Development programs, an Aspire Program (formally ABLE/GED), and through consultative services, working directly with businesses providing training, agricultural services, leadership development, and career enhancement.

Contact: Rod Cheyney
Phone: 419-289-3313

Why did your organization join NCWA?: Our partnership with NCWA is mission-driven. Our district is designed to impact students’ lives through preparation for and entry into the workforce. NCWA is the perfect conduit to connect to that local workforce, understanding their needs, and assuring relevance in the curriculum that we deliver. Furthermore, our partnership with the NCWA creates a pipe for regional employers to our highly-trained, highly prepared students.