Centerra Co-op

Centerra is a progressive agricultural co-op with a rich history in farming.  Our roots in the cooperative system date back over 80 years, giving us a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that you face on a daily basis.  As the agricultural industry has evolved, in many ways the challenges remain the same – higher input and production costs, the introduction of new technologies, the desire to expand, and the struggle to keep the next generation involved.

We are hard-working and hands-on, because we know it takes dedication to get things done the right way at the right time.  We hire inquisitive, energetic men and women who are resourceful and proactive.  We get to know you and your specific needs so we can build a customized program specifically for you — whether you are simply ordering products or we are prescribing solutions — providing information or support when you need it.

We believe it is our responsibility to advise our customers on new practices, innovations and opportunities that are right for our geographic area.  Our Agronomy Consultants, Field Service Providers and Customer Service Associates are selectively experimenting with new recipes for success, technologies and equipment on your behalf.  We have been on this evolutionary path with you, adapting what we do and how we do it, in order to remain proactive and timely in making changes.  As a business we are open and transparent.  We will listen to your needs and keep you informed about our plans to continuously improve our insights, facilities, and technology.

Our passion is to see the communities we live and work in thrive. By supporting the youth and families in our communities we believe that we can accomplish more collectively than individually.

 Working hard together toward a common goal – yours.

Contact:  Karen Alsop
Phone: 419-281-8514

Why did your organization join NCWA?
Joining a team that understands the employer need, the education desired and the skills desired to join the workplace, NCWA is an important partner. Working with this organization to support our employment needs, such as organizing teachers from the local school districts to tour our sites to actually observe what we do, what their students could utilize from technology to tools to equipment, allows for greater understanding for all. Our community benefits when we join together to accomplish goals, regardless of the industry or business sector. Many positions within our organization do not require a college education, however do require extensive training and willingness to learn. We are proud to be a part of NCWA..

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