Simonson Construction Services, Inc.

Simonson Builders was founded in 1974 primarily as a residential contractor.  As the company grew and matured, Simonson Builders and Simonson Excavation were incorporated as separate entities.  In 2005, the two companies merged into Simonson Construction Services, Inc. focusing on commercial and industrial types of general contracting and excavation projects.  Today, Simonson Construction is one of the leading contractors in our area providing design/build, general contracting, construction management & public utility services while self-performing many trades with rough and finish carpenters, pre-engineered and conventional steel ironworkers, concrete formwork carpenters, equipment operators, truck drivers and general laborers.

Contact: Dan Moore, President

Phone: 419-281-8299


Why did your organization join NCWA?: With a growing need for skilled trade’s people and recognizing that there are fewer qualified candidates to fill the open positions within our company and within our industry, it became apparent that something needed to be done. The NCWA provides a unified voice for this cause across many different business sectors. The NCWA has positioned itself to influence and educate the students, parents, teachers and guidance counselors of the many rewarding careers that are available with proper training. These careers do not require an expensive college education. The decision to join the NCWA was a simple one.

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