New Member Discount

We’re well into the third quarter of 2020, although it may seem like it’s been much longer than that. COVID-19 has definitely presented some challenges this year; everything from transitioning personnel with the ability to work from home to finding creative ways to bring them back to work in your facility.

You’ve probably made some decisions already this year that you could never have anticipated. Wouldn’t it have been valuable to have resources and partners to help you navigate those waters?

NCWA knows the challenges you’ve faced, so we want to offer you the opportunity to join the team at NCWA and explore the benefits we offer as they relate to your workforce needs at a reduced price. This provides you the opportunity to see what we’re about and participate in these benefits.

For a limited time, we are offering you a membership of 12 months for the price of six months! Below is a link to our website with membership and prices. Please contact Erv Howard at 567-203-4500 or 419-908-8270 with questions or to start your membership.